Why we love the 80/20 rule

At Metro, we love the 80/20 rule. We do the 20% of the work that gets 80% of the results. The 80/20 rule is 4 times more productive than the “100% rule”! Just in case it’s not clear why, the table below illustrates. Work done Output using 100% rule Output using 80/20 rule 20% Thing…… Continue reading Why we love the 80/20 rule

The smartest book ever?

I’m currently reading Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg. It’s about how individuals and teams can become crazy productive. It’s brilliant because it summarizes all my favorite books, and also because it’s a gripping collection of stories. Here are the chapters i’ve read so far… 1. Motivation. What makes the Marines so effective? Drive by…… Continue reading The smartest book ever?

Confessions of a programmer

It’s confession time. My name is Matt, and i am not productive. Yesterday, in an 7.5 hour work day, only 2.5 hours were productive. By productive i mean working on things that are “the most important thing the team can be doing”. Standup and product standup. 30 mins Discussion about tagging. 10 mins Removing FantasyFootball…… Continue reading Confessions of a programmer

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