Scarcity, management and lean startup

@elgrom has lent me a new book called Scarcity. It’s about how when people are low on critical resources (money, food, etc) they focus all their attention on it and shut out the bigger picture. It’s a survival instinct. It’s a fresh take on older research that found stress is bad for creativity. (I can’t…… Continue reading Scarcity, management and lean startup

What Matters Now – Highlights

What Matters Now is Gary Hamel′s impassioned plea to rethink the fundamental assumptions we have about management, the meaning of work, and organizational life. He asks, “What are the fundamental, make–or–break issues that will determine whether your organization thrives or dives in the years ahead?” The answer is found in five paramount issues: values, innovation, adaptability,…… Continue reading What Matters Now – Highlights