Sprint by Jake Knapp

Awesome book, buy it. Here’s a taster… It’s a freezing December day, overcast and blustery. Two cofounders lean close to each other and exchange a few words. One week ago, their last prototype failed, but they think they know why. They’ve made a few fixes, and this morning, both men feel confident. After more then…… Continue reading Sprint by Jake Knapp

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Lean UX in 5 easy steps

Taken from Lean UX’s “editorial review” on Amazon… Solve problems together: Ensure that every member of your team is present during brainstorming for new projects. Give your teams problems to solve, not solutions to implement. The outcome will be a far more efficient and productive team creating higher quality products and experiences. Sketch: Introduce the…… Continue reading Lean UX in 5 easy steps

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Scarcity, management and lean startup

@elgrom has lent me a new book called Scarcity. It’s about how when people are low on critical resources (money, food, etc) they focus all their attention on it and shut out the bigger picture. It’s a survival instinct. It’s a fresh take on older research that found stress is bad for creativity. (I can’t…… Continue reading Scarcity, management and lean startup

The Lean Startup – Highlights

A startup isn’t about size, it about extreme uncertainty. Startup = experiment. The measure of innovation is the rate of validated learning. In fact, the best way to achieve sustainable profit is validated learning. Validated learning is THE NUMBER ONE OBJECTIVE. Only borrow big money if it’s the best way to pursue validated learning, otherwise…… Continue reading The Lean Startup – Highlights