News: curation meet crowdsourcing

Upworthy recently released it’s new content strategy: “moving from curation to story creation”. For a while i’ve been suggesting that tries out an Upworthy-style “Submit link” option. It might just help us pick up interesting stories that we’ve otherwise miss, or even pick up new stories quicker. Now i’m wondering if it would better…… Continue reading News: curation meet crowdsourcing

Content is King

Content is king. If your content is good then users will return and they will bring a friend. SEO can drive users to your site in droves but unless the content is good they won’t stick. Don’t get me wrong, SEO is big, but it’s not the answer. It’s like a restaurant that caters for…… Continue reading Content is King

the incredible hoque

hoque, i love the user generated article idea. you dont need to wait for a big meeting about it. start small. write one short article for metro. if a channel doesnt exist for it speak to content team about creating one. (maybe a community channel?). miguel and artur are also into diversifying our content. if…… Continue reading the incredible hoque