The Google Story – Highlights

“The billions of dollars in money and profits that flow from it [Google] are a by-product of the company’s concentrated efforts at innovation, rather than a yardstick used internally to measure success or to determine whether a project is worthy of exploration. Unlike most companies, where executives and product managers try to think of ways…… Continue reading The Google Story – Highlights

Bottom Up Organisation and Innovation

Google and Facebook where the vanguard but now it’s taking off. Here are just a few of the books on the subject published in the last few months. Adapt by economist Tim Harford (FT, BBC). Inspiring. Original. Great stories. A classic. Loose: The future of business is letting go The Power of Pull. Good intro on…… Continue reading Bottom Up Organisation and Innovation

Taking Chatter To The Next Level

I’m interested in organisations becoming more fluid. Chatter offers a way to do this. People’s “About Me” can be annotated so that a machine can extract relevant data and generate a multi-faceted org chart that automatically evolves. It could show not just the org hierarchy, but who is working on what products, who shares the…… Continue reading Taking Chatter To The Next Level

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