Bootstrap BEM

It’s important for CSS to be modular. Without modularity, selectors are fragile and it’s hard to be confident that changing one style won’t inadvertently break a different style somewhere else. How does BEM help? BEM solves modularity by encapsulating styles within a “Block”. Here’s an example from <form class=”search-form__button”> The __ separates the Block…… Continue reading Bootstrap BEM

Steve Jobs on “Deep Collaboration”

A quote from Steve Jobs biography. Because he [Jobs] believed that Apple’s great advantage was its integration of the whole widget—from design to hardware to software to content—he wanted all departments at the company to work together in parallel. The phrases he used were “deep collaboration” and “concurrent engineering.” Instead of a development process in…… Continue reading Steve Jobs on “Deep Collaboration”

Apple’s design secrets

I’m reading the Steve Job biography at the moment. It’s so gripping! Here are some highlights about design. First Jony Ive, Much of the design process is a conversation… There are no formal design reviews, so there are no huge decision points. Instead, we can make the decisions fluid. Since we iterate every day and…… Continue reading Apple’s design secrets

Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Snippet from “Rocket Surgery Made Easy” by UX guru Steve Krug. “…the kind of testing i’m recommending you do… definitely qualititive. The purpose isn’t to prove anything; it’s to get insights that enable you to improve what you’re building. As a result, do-it-yourself tests can be much more informal and, well, unscientific. This means that…… Continue reading Rocket Surgery Made Easy

My code!

Some snippets of my code, because Word doesn’t like embedding links to GitHub. It’s all from 2014 (except the Jasmine code which is 2013). They are mainly private repos. Ruby/Sinatra/Redis micro-service for polls. More complex app here. WordPress custom plugin for AB testing headlines. I’ve been promoting the use of plugins to keep our…… Continue reading My code!

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