Agile: The Missing Manual

Everyone is talking about Agile, from CEOs to software engineers. But Agile has a lot of missing pieces, and it’s hard to find the signal in all the noise. Here’s the missing manual…

What is Agility? A definition

It surprisingly hard to find a good definition of agility. The Oxford English Dictionary describes agile as, “ability to move quickly and easily”. But this definition is lacking. Agile is about more than being quick…

The core of Agile: part 2

Modern management was invented in the 1900s by a man named Frederick Taylor. He believed that factories would be far more productive if managers made all the decisions, and workers simply did as they were told…

Agile: What’s The Actual Process?

The first line of the Agile Manifesto is, “People and collaboration over processes and tools”. But having the right process still helps. Below are some examples. There’s no one-size-fits-all process. Different teams face different challenges and so need different processes. The Design Council has a process called the Double Diamond. A similar approach is Dual-Track…… Continue reading Agile: What’s The Actual Process?

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