Agile: What’s The Actual Process?

The first line of the Agile Manifesto is, “People and collaboration over processes and tools”. But having the right process still helps.

Below are some examples. There’s no one-size-fits-all process. Different teams face different challenges and so need different processes.

The Design Council has a process called the Double Diamond.

A similar approach is Dual-Track Agile.

I think of the process like this…

(I’ll do a new version without “Fundamentals and Research”).

Scrum can be Agile, but it became outdated around 2011 when the Lean Startup movement took off. With Scrum it’s easy to get distracted by the prescribed ceremonies, artefacts and roles.

Actual Scrum is different to what most people think so if you want to do Scrum then check out the official Scrum Guide.

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