Agile: The Missing Manual

Everyone is talking about Agile, from CEOs to software engineers. But Agile has a lot of missing pieces, and it’s hard to find the signal in all the noise. It’s difficult for people to really understand Agile.

Here’s the missing manual. It’s a work in progress!

  1. WHAT is agility? The missing definition
  2. WHY Agile matters: the Apple story
  3. HOW to measure agility
  4. The core of Agile
  5. The core of Agile: part 2
  6. How to measure agility: part 2
  7. The missing techniques. Thin slices, INVEST, and more.
  8. The missing principles
  9. What Agile feels like
  10. Summary


I’d love feedback… leave a comment below or ping me on Twitter, I’m @mhumph.

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