The complexity of product development

What makes product development so complex? its’s because the landscape is constantly shifting.

Our competitors are changing. New competitors like AgileMD emerge.

Google, and other platforms we rely on are constantly changing. (Google do a major algorithm update every three months).

Our users are changing. They moved to remote working during lockdown, which impacts usage, for example. The devices and browsers they use are changing.

Customers and institutions are changing too, in response to the changing economy. They are also changing in response to new technologies like CDS Hooks.

And of course our team is changing – Eva left the team last month, and new people are being recruited. Over time our understanding changes as the team learns about our users and our technology.

Our wider organisation too is always evolving, and making changes such as migrating our auth systems.

All this change means a constant stream of new opportunities and risks. Can your team navigate it all?

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