WordPress curation: beyond Zoninator

Introducing Curator for curating WordPress homepages…

Here’s the “Zoninator” it’s replacing.

Zoninator served Metro well for several years but as the site has grown, the editors need more control.

How is Curator better?

  1. Editors can customise how content is displayed – portrait crops, sections, custom headlines, etc
  2. Editors can see the featured image
  3. Searching is much simpler e.g. search results are always visible in the sidebar
  4. Saving is simpler and more robust e.g. content can be dragged straight into the relevant slot (as opposed to “append-then-drag”).
  5. Integrated analytics

Future versions might ditch the WordPress furniture. Here’s an early mockup (using Bulma).

How does Curator compare to other page builders?

Some news sites have WYSIWYG page builders (like The Sun’s one here) but they have a big flaw – they layout desktop pages even though most users are on mobile.

Page builders should be content first, not desktop first.

That’s the principle behind Curator. It’s not only better but simpler too!

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