Web Analytics 2.0

I recently stumbled across Web Analytics 2.0 by analytics guru Avinash Kaushik. Here’s the obligatory infographic:

It made me wonder, how much of this do we do at Metro.co.uk?

1. Clickstream. This is provided by the analytics team using Omniture. We have a lot of “event” data as well as the usual page data.

We also have various custom clickstream tools too which are used by the content team.

2. Multiple outcomes analysis. We don’t do much analysis of what leads to shares or follows. There is work to be done here!

3. Experimentation & testing. The dev team does a lot of AB testing. We AB test new features using CheezTest or sometimes Visual Optimizer. The content team AB test headlines.

Experimentation and AB testing has made a big difference 🙂

4. Voice of the customer. We do some qualitative guerrilla testing (mainly driven by me). And we have Facebook comments enabled. We used to have a email address that people could contact but it wasn’t overly helpful.

Maybe we should revisit having some sort of “feedback” button, we’ve discussed it before but never implemented one.

5. Competitive intelligence. We’ve done a bit of this. Someone did analysis of content volume vs growth for different sites. I’ve done some basic analysis of competitor image, branding and content strategies.

6. Insights. Our recent “return visits” analysis (top secret) was a good example of pulling together several layers of analytics to offer real insights into user behaviour. Yay!

Overall i think Metro.co.uk scores ok, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I’d better read more of Web Analytics 2.0!

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