My top 5 insights of 2015

1. This mammoth look into current media trends by Michael Wolf. My main takeaway is the prediction that messaging will soon be bigger than social networks.

2. One of the big challenges we face at Metro is getting different teams to work more closely together. This great ThoughtWorks article talks about how they approach it from a UX perspective.

3. And another great ThoughtWorks article, this time from a design perspective (from 2013 but i only stumbled across it this year).

4. On the technology side, the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar has a great overview of tech trends. A must read. Thanks for all the great insights ThoughtWorks!

5. “No ordinary disruption” by the directors of the McKinsey Global Institute highlights four global trends forces reshaping the world.

In case you missed them…

Here were my favourite insights from 2014:

1. Contently on “taking into account the relationship between content, return visitors behaviors, and—most interestingly—the emotional psychology of readers”

2. How Google Works – Google’s (not-so-secret) formula for success

3. Lean UX – how to apply lean principles to UX and design

What were your top insights of 2015?

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