Understanding millennials


Five emerging millennial personas showcase the different aspirations, motives and ways of interacting with digital world. From The Millennial Index infographic here.


The Millennial Index also share 5 myths about millennials. Highlights:

  • Myth: All Millennials spend their lives on Social Media. Reality: Only a minority (41%) spend more than 3 hours a week on Facebook.
  • Myth: It’s all about smartphones and tablets. Reality: 65% of Millennials spend more time accessing the internet via a laptop or desktop PC.
  • Myth: Millennials are dazzled by celebrity culture and fame . Reality: Millennials are more likely to share a link related to their work or study.

Nielsen share their findings and myths. Highlights:

  • Myth: Millennials are narcissistic. Reality: Millennials care about self-expression, but they aren’t totally self-absorbed.

(If that’s not enough, Salon claims that millennial entitlement is a myth and Fast Company share their 5 myths about millennials.)


How to Get Millennials to Love Your Content: VICE’s Magic Formula

  • Millenials are looking for a non-traditional news source to keep them informed
  • Make Them Care. Video is an empathy machine… The future of news for Millennials will be built on empathy.
  • Meet Them Where They Are – On Social

ComScore rankings

This article by Nieman Lab shows which sites rank the highest for reaching millennials. I wonder how Metro fares?

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