4 lessons from the most successfull news sites

1. The two most popular news sites (MailOnline and The Guardian) have one big thing in common: they both publish massive volumes of content (hundreds of articles a day).

2. MailOnline is more popular then The Guardian. Why? Lots of pictures, especially glamorous/embarassing pictures of celebrities.

Also, The Guardian is too intellectual for many people.

3. Upworthy is the fastest growing media site of all time, driven by massive social media success. It demonstrates that when it comes to social media, content quality is way more important than content volume. (You can only post a dozen or so stories on Facebook per day).

4. Buzzfeed is the big name in social media. It’s achieved success by taking a more creative approach to stories than traditional new sites.

All this raises questions:

  • How do we balance content quality for social media with content volumes for SEO? (Check out my previous post)
  • How do we put pictures at the heart of our content?
  • How do we cultivate a creative approach to our stories?

What’s your opinion?

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