Confessions of a programmer

It’s confession time. My name is Matt, and i am not productive.

Yesterday, in an 7.5 hour work day, only 2.5 hours were productive. By productive i mean working on things that are “the most important thing the team can be doing”.

    • Standup and product standup. 30 mins
    • Discussion about tagging. 10 mins
    • Removing FantasyFootball from navigation. 15 mins
    • Trying to prioritise tasks in JIRA. 20 mins
    • Polls testing. 30 mins
    • “Just Shared” (redeploy, jira, testing, dev tweaks). 60 mins
    • Checking out new office. 10 mins
    • Ads API testing (with Hoque) + commit to live. 15 mins
    • Metro10: testing and review (with Hoque). 120 mins
    • Player Ratings with Mass. 15 mins
    • News Feed boost (including CI with Hoque). 40 mins
    • Omniture (with Gareth). 20 mins
    • Context switching (15 tasks interleaved). 45 mins

TOTAL: 170 minutes were productive, 230 minutes weren’t.

My criteria for “most important stuff” is partly informed by Debs’ prioritisation in standup.

(I also spent 40 minutes at lunch and 30 minutes on coffee breaks, chatting and surfing the web).

I fell in love with programming as a kid because of the mental “state of flow” i could achieve with it. Work doesn’t seem conducive to that.


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