Britain’s Got Talent: The ultimate in Agile

BGT embodies Agile. Think of acts as products.
  • SMALL STEPS. Iterative. Every week takes the show one step closer to finding the Next Big Thing.
  • EMPIRICAL FEEDBACK (aka experiments). An act’s potential is measured using audience votes.
  • SELF-ORGANIZING TEAMS. Bottom-up. Some of the acts could never be conceived in a board room. (Susan Boyle, anyone?).
  • FAIL FAST, FAIL OFTEN. Doomed acts are eliminated at a furious rate in the early stages of the show.
  • SIMPLICITY. Acts are forced to distill their talent into a few minutes. The minimum viable product.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Every week acts gets feedback to improve their performance.
  • COLLABORATION AND CONVERSATION. There is lots of open discussion (on the show and in the media/pub) about which act is best. And it includes dissent.
In my next post, TOWIE share tips on iPhone development using Objective C. I’m joking.

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