Why Scrum is the hip younger brother of SMART targets

Scrum is a flavour of Agile. It’s 100% aligned with SMART objectives.
  • Specific: Requirements for the sprint should be well defined.
  • Measurable:
    • Plan A is results-based: have the changes had the desired impact? (E.g. has Metro Incentives had 50 nominations in its first week?).
    • Plan B: has the business got what they expected (live or demo)?
  • Achievable: The people in the trenches should be the ones who get to say if its achievable.
  • Relevant: The business should be the ones prioritising requirements.
  • Time-based e.g. 2 weeks. Short is good. More iterations means more feedback.

Some companies have multiple concurrent projects. One option is multiple teams… which happens to be the subject of my previous post.

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