Top 5 Books For Evil Masterminds

If, like me, you are plotting world domination, here are my favorite books on the subject.

  1. “Purple Cow” (Seth Godin). Remarkable products sell themselves. Seth has a great writing style. Inspirational.
  2. “Adapt” (Tim Harford). How to innovate your way to a remarkable product – experiment based on variation and selection. Great stories including toasters, Iraq, Google, climate change and much more.
  3. “Super Crunchers” – first two chapters. Expands on the “Randomistas” chapter of “Adapt”. AB testing for the win!
  4. 80 Minute MBA” – “Conversation” chapter. The “new marketing” is all about Community, Conversation, Co-creation and Customisation (long tail).
  5. “Getting Real” (37Signals). A refreshing view of business in tasty bitesized chunks. Stay lean.

What have i missed? Let me know!

BTW. I’m applying the “Adapt” approach to books. I’m reading the first chapter of lots of varied books and casting aside the ones that aren’t awesome. It’s slightly expensive, but for the insight gained its a bargain! Thank god for the Kindle…

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