Feedback loops in Scrum

Feedback and feedback loops are a key part of Scrum:

  • Iterative releases/demos. Regularly get feedback from the business and from end users.
  • Sprint velocity. Velocity takes into account the accuracy of previous estimates.
  • Retrospectives. Get feedback from the team as to how they could become more effective.
  • Standups. Promotes feedback between members of the team.
  • Sprint walls. Gives feedback to everyone about the status of the sprint.
  • Burndown charts. In theory this gives early feedback to the business when a sprint is behind schedule. In practice, “hours remaining” is a *very* inaccurate measure pf progress. It doesn’t seem to fit with the Agile principle: “Working software is the primary measure of progress”.

Agile promotes additional feedback such as daily interaction between developers and the business.

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