Javapolis 2007 Technology Highlights

Tech highlights from Javapolis 2007:

    • now supported by many vendors
    • slick demo of a Jackrabbit-based commercial product from
    • JCR 2.0 is in the pipeline
  • Glassfish open source application server
    • is now the reference implementation of the Servlet API
    • v3 (currently in beta) is more modular. The demo had a fast startup time.
  • Resin (commercial servlet container) claims to serve static content faster than Apache
  • FindBugs will find a lot of potential Java bugs for you!
    • provides a combination of modern scripting features and tight Java integration. For example, Groovy classes can implement Java interfaces.
    • v1.5 offers signficant performance gains
  • JRuby on Rails = Rails + support for calling Java code
  • JavaRebel is a commercial product that enables auto-reloading of classes without restarting the server

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